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About Síonra

Love is in the air!

In December 2015 Síonra arranged and recorded Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson's Winter Song, for 6 female voices.

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Winter Song (a cappella) here: 

For Valentine's day February 2016, Síonra released a cover of their favourite love song 

When I Fall In Love

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Is love alive?

Síonra is the product of like minded Irish musicians drawn together through a shared passion for close harmony a cappella singing. The all female vocal ensemble flourished in the summer of 2014 after years of friendship and singing together in other contexts.
Síonra's versatility allows for an incredibly adaptable and diverse variety of styles and genres including; folk, classical and original arrangements of contemporary popular works, appealing and accessible to all. Individually, the members possess many notable achievements such as international tours and performing successes on a collection of prestigious stages. They draw upon these collective experiences to create a unique blend of musicality and personality. They liken themselves to the calming atmospheric elements, thus giving origin to their name; 


Female Vocal Ensemble